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Lordos Organisation is a highly diversified Lordos Organisation which constantly evaluates new trends and market needs, and timely enters the market with appropriate propositions and products to meet them.

Lordos Organisation was founded in the early 20th century in Famagusta, Cyprus, by Mr. George D. Lordos, the father of the organization’s present chairman Mr. Constantinos G. Lordos.  The Lordos Organisation was officially registered in 1936.

The Lordos Organisation activities are divided into the following main categories:

•    Property Development

Lordos has been active in the field of real estate since the early 20th century. With a large portfolio of land and properties throughout Cyprus, in parts of Greece, and in select areas within the U.K. and Romania, Lordos offers superb locations ideal for investment, holiday home, and primary residence.

The Lordos Organisation has several companies registered and active under the property development category, some of which are Lordos Properties Ltd., Lordos Design and Build Ltd (activities in Cyprus), Arsinoe A.E. (activities in Greece), Cherry Hill Ltd (activities in the U.K.), Aphrodite Properties Ltd (activities in Romania).

•    Construction

The Lordos Organisation’s Class A Construction Company Nereus Constructa & Marine Ltd undertakes the construction of roads, marinas, land subdivisions and construction of developments and other projects in Cyprus.

•    Architecture

Andreas & Zoe Lordos Architects, the architectural and interior design arm of the Lordos Organisation, is well respected within the industry.  The partnership has already secured eight international design awards for projects completed and is involved in the design of modern, functional, high-end projects throughout Cyprus.

•    Trading

The G.D.L Trading Group is the leading wholesale frozen food importer and distributor in Cyprus with major shares of the market in all its products.  The group owns nine storage and distribution centers throughout Cyprus, three of which also operate as retail outlets and two are highly advanced processing and packing factories.  G.D.L. Trading Group also has a frozen food subsidiary in Lebanon, and export to other neighbouring countries within the EU and outside.

G.D.L Trading is in partnership with Agromarkets Ltd and Prinos chain of fresh fruit and vegetable which are the leading vegetable and fruit importers/ distributors and retailing companies in Cyprus respectively.     

•    Investments/Capital Management

Lordos Organisation with its companies Aegean Investments Ltd and Lordos Venture Capital Ltd. invests in companies registered with the Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as in non-listed concerns controlled by or connected to the Lordos Organisation.

•    I.T. Services
     Lumina Informatics Ltd is a multi-service networking company offering
     professional planning, project management projects, management,
     implementation, sourcing and maintenance of LAN and WAN networks.

•    Energy

Lumina Solar Ltd deals with solar energy and the provision, installation and business development of photovoltaic technology on the island.

•    Hotels

Lordos Hotels (Holdings) Ltd, a company registered with the Cyprus Stock Exchange along with its’ daughter companies, are the owners of three high class hotels The Golden Bay Beach Hotel (5 Star) and the Lordos Beach Hotel (4 Star) in Larnaca and the Golden Coast Beach Hotel (4 Star) in Protaras.

Lordos Organisation proudly includes three non-profit units within the group:

•    Marianna Lordos Cancer Memorial Fund concentrating on cancer prevention and cure, procuring and hosting medical seminars and symposiums aimed at transferring of the latest knowledge to the Cyprus Medical community. 
•    Help Net, a website helping individuals who suffer from a dependence on drugs and alcohol dependency related problems, and depression. 

• This website presents the findings of various surveys to evaluate various options for defining a Comprehensive Peace Plan for Cyprus, responding to the fundamental concerns of all Cypriots.



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